Audio Samples for Reply All

2015 Third Coast ShortDocs Finalist - 'What was it about marriage anyway?'

This year’s Third Coast ShortDocs competition was in partnership with the Studs Terkel Archive at WFMT in Chicago. I decided to remix a 1974 conversation between Studs and the writer Erica Jong, distilling the story of Erica’s changing beliefs about marriage into a three-minute song.


Profiles:NYC - Joe, Guillermo, Helaine

Profiles:NYC is my attempt to encapsulate the honest essence of a stranger using a single minute of audio. I record short conversations with people on the street, edit those interactions down, and overlay the sound onto a photograph of the person. A new profile is released each weekday through the Profiles:NYC podcast. Here are three recent favorites.





Broken Legs Podcast - Interview with Hank Chen

Hank Chen is an actor (High Maintenance, Criminal Minds, Community) and YouTube personality @hanksterchen. This is a favorite interview of mine (originally released November 2013) because Hank not only talked about his life as a performer but also opened up in such a generous way about some very affecting personal issues he’s had to push through.